September 27, 2024

The Question Is… What?

Hilarious advertisment for a lawyer seen at a convenience store. Image found at


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September 19, 2024

Missing in Action

0 messages receivedSo we’ve been quiet for a while – kinda busy, you know, what with the whole “conquering the world” thing. But we’re back, and just in time to launch our (possibly) most controversial project yet.

Remember this?

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July 10, 2024

“A Leather Harness Never Goes Out of Fashion…”

Kathy Griffin, image c/o GayVN.comLast February, the GAYVN Awards scored a major casting coup when comedienne extraordinaire Kathy Griffin (pictured) signed to host the 2024 awards ceremony at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre.

And tonight, on Bravo, you can see exactly what Kathy thought of the whole thing when her Emmy-nominated docu-comedy My Life on the D-List covers that amazing evening.

Make sure you tune in tonight (10pm Tuesday, July 10) and catch all the fun as Kathy makes out with Erik Rhodes and entertains a crowd of prison inmates.

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June 18, 2024

Crucifixus Est

All last week and weekend, Dark Alley was busy filming another sure-to-be-controversial movie starring Teutonic terror Danny Fox.

And we thought you might like to see a special sneak peak.

Just be sure the right-wing nutjobs are out of the room first.

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June 11, 2024

Bubbles on My Mind

NightLots of websites picked up the Night Eyes story (pictured) over the weekend. It’s the lead item this morning on

Dark Alley has a new Eastern European line they are distributing—doesn’t every porn company nowadays? Don’t answer that—called Bubble B. Does it stand for Bubble Boy? Bubble Butt? Bubble Booty? Enquiring minds want to know.

JC Adams’ weekly The Adams Report also welcomed the news:

Voyeurism is a theme and departs from Dark Alley’s “tougher, rougher, freakier” breed of performers but, as the press release notes, they’re “no less eager for sex for that difference.” Good to know!

The largely business-to-business JRL Charts really helped the push with this glowing piece about the new movie – listen to ’em, guys!

I had to report on this one, retailers, because as you know, Bubble B Entertainment and Dark Alley Distribution’s first release, titled Night Eyes [2024], is exploding in retail stores nationwide in America. After just two (2) weeks in release, Night Eyes [2024] gains 9 spots up on the JRL Weekly Top 50 Chart, landing at # 20 in America.

Pretty damn cool, eh?

Matt & Aaron in QuickiesMeanwhile, Marc over at Chronicles of Pornia has developed a bit of a crush on Dark Alley discovery Aaron King. He prints up a variety of tasty pics from his Dark Alley shoots plus his new movie with Jet Set.

Ring the alarm! Ring the alarm! I’ll be damned if Aaron King isn’t one of the hottest things in porn right now. Just look at that gorgeous body. He’s got the V shape that every guy wants. … Aaron quite simply has it going on.

Aww…Marc’s in love! Aaron stars in Quickies (pictured) and the just-released Fisting Underground 3, and will return in the soon-to-come von Fistenberg’s 8 ½.

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May 23, 2024

Grabbing in Chicago

Grabbys 2024Jet-setting studs that we are, today sees Dark Alley heading to Chicago to take part in IML 2024, the 29th annual International Mister Leather weekend. As we reported yesterday, you can find us at the Fort Troff Pavilion on the third floor of the Leather Market. Get exhibitor lists, event schedules and maps at

One of those events is the 2024 Grabby Awards, the “people’s porn awards, where fans come first!” Dark Alley is nominated in three categories this year. For the second year running, we’re up for Best Fetish Film for Fisting Underground Part 1, and our GAYVN-winning reality-porn two-parter The Show is up for both Best Art Direction and Best Screenplay.

We hope you’re all crossing your fingers (but not your legs) for us on the night. We’ll certainly be there – assuming we can still walk after Matthias’ 20-Fist Weekend, anyway. Find out all the details at

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May 22, 2024

21 Questions with Tony Bishop

tbishop4111.jpgThis interview was first conducted by in November 2006.

1. Tell us about your first gay experience. We want details!
Well I have only had gay experiences, cuz I’m gay! I was 16 years old and I had a huge crush on an older man. We met at a church function - yes, this is when I was good Christian boy. We met one Sunday after church for dinner at his place. One thing lead to another and we ended up in his twin-size bed, having consensual oral sex. Boy gosh, he had a huge penis, and he was surprised that I was able to take the whole thing down my throat. I made him cum within minutes, and a few hours later we did it again.

2. What lead you to the porn, model and escort world?
I moved to San Francisco in January 2003, and I was attending the California Culinary Academy. A friend of mine approached me and said that I would be perfect to do porn and model, as he knew that I had a huge cock, great face and ass, as well as personality. But the gist of it is that I needed the money.

3. The sounding in Slam Dunk is fucking hot. When did you first sound, do you do catheters, and would you allow the piss to be given back to you as an enema?
I started doing sounds when I was 18. I went to my local leather store in Seattle, and inquired about them after I had stuck a smooth nail in my piss slit and it felt great. So I knew there had to be something out there for me. I love catheters and would enjoy my piss given back to me in my mouth or ass!

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May 21, 2024

Porn performer Tony Bishop joins Dark Alley Media as Casting Director

Tony BishopFor Immediate Release

Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

May 21, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Dark Alley Media, New York’s youngest, hottest and nastiest gay porn producer, is proud to announce that superstar porn performer Tony Bishop (pictured) has joined the company as Casting Director.

The popular versatile performer, who has appeared in hit movies for all the major gay porn companies, including Titan, Raging Stallion, Channel 1, Adonis Pictures, Hot House, Falcon and Studio 2000, is perhaps best known for his fat, tattooed dick and wide range of fetish tastes, including fisting, bondage and sounding. As a performer in more than two dozen movies, Bishop has the contacts and experience to make him a perfect match for the heavy and hardcore movies of Dark Alley.

In an interview conducted in November 2006, Bishop described his first sexual experience with a man he met at church, of all places. “We met one Sunday after church for dinner at his place,” Bishop recalled “One thing led to another and we ended up in his twin-size bed having consensual oral sex. Boy gosh, he had a huge penis and he was surprised that I was able to take the whole thing down my throat. I made him cum within minutes, and a few hours later we did it again.”

Fans can read the full interview at, and find out more about Tony himself at his MySpace page,

Dark Alley Media, 451 Communipaw Ave, New Jersey, NJ 07304, ph 212-380-1010 (New York), 415-829-7970 (San Francisco), fx 646-201-5549,,,

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April 26, 2024

You Are NOT Ready…


Believe us, nothing will prepare you for this.


Here, for the first time anywhere, we can now premier the jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, ass-destroying trailer for Dark Alley’s next assplay masterpiece, Fisting Underground, Part 3.

Our guys do things in this movie you’ve never seen before. We can’t describe, you have to see for yourself.

This is the very definition of Not Safe For Work. In fact, it might not even be safe for you to watch it at home, unless you’ve got an oxygen tank ready.

After the jump, it’ll be too late to turn back.

Can you handle it?

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April 20, 2024

Gaytanamo on the cover of Next Magazine!

nextcover.jpgDark Alley Media is taking it to the Next level! Today, the cutie-queer New York fag-rag put DAM boss Matthias von Fistenberg and our exciting new movie Gaytanamo on the cover, asking about the “politics of porn”: have we gone too far?

The piece includes an extensive interview with Matt about the film, why he made it, and how he responds to the various accusations against it:

I am fully aware that we filmed “only” a porn movie, but I would like people to find there not only a joyful parody, but also a real film with a deeper meaning that can be discovered behind [that] façade.

Click here or on the pic to read the full interview.

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