July 10, 2024

Darkness Ascending…

Richard West & Sancho Sun in Night EyesNight Eyes is getting some major love from the porn reviewers out there. The new Bubble B release from Dark Alley Distribution.

Phoenix-based smut rag (which we mean in the best way) The X Factor is the latest to fall over itself with love for Night Eyes, as you can read here or here. A taster:

… The models in Night Eyes are young men rather than twinks; they mostly don’t shave or wax their bodies, cracks or balls; and they are remarkably free of piercings and tattoos. It’s “organic” porn: no chemicals, additives or artificial ingredients. Give them extra points for having rock-hard and rippling abs … It’s pure vanilla, but at its erotic, sensuous best.

The review is available right now on the X Factor site, and will appear in the upcoming print issue, available in the Pheonix are and beyond.

Look out later this week for the chance to get to know Night Eyes stars Richard West and Sancho Sun a little better, with quickie interviews and photos.

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