July 9, 2024


jockstrap.jpgA couple more mentions to make note of.

Mark Adams at Vidio View had the following to say:

You’ll want to know that Matthias Von Fistenberg’s 8 ½ from Dark Alley Media is now ready for pre-order. I can only wonder if … the estate of Federico Fellini will be bringing suit against the filthy NY studio for steal…er, borrowing, his title, which has been described as one of the greatest films about film ever made. In this new incarnation, Von Fistenberg presents four piggy sex scenes with eight performers, all hung at least – are you ready – 8 ½ inches. I’ll bet you never would have guessed. And it is an international cast, featuring Adam Faust, cutie Aaron King, Danny Fox, Brit Dillon Buck, German redhead Tim Kruger and tattooed French punk Demetrius. To see if it’s lawsuit-worthy or not, you can catch a preview at the DarkAlleyDirt website.

Meanwhile, WoodyReviews.com, provider of smut to HX Magazine, has a review of Fisting Underground 3:

There are tasteful fisting movies and then there is flat-out relentless, lube-filled, gut-wrenching fist-fucking. This is definitely the latter. … If you have a weak stomach, you shouldn’t go here.

Follow the links to read the full stories.

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