July 5, 2024

GAYVN Hearts Dark Alley

GAYVN JulyIn related news, Dark Alley hearts GAYVN Magazine right back.

The July issue of gay porn industry standard (homo cousin of major monthly AVN, creators of the annual GAYVN Awards, and pictured right with cover babe Tory Mason) is all about Dark Alley. Well, okay, not all about, but we’re doing pretty damn well.

Under the mag’s Sneak Peek section, there’s a full page on Dark Alley’s upcoming “masterpiece” Von Fistenberg’s 8 ½, featuring mouth-watering photos of stars Tim Kruger and Dillon Buck (two guys who make our buttholes itch just looking at them) and extensive interviews with director Matthias von Fistenberg and PR dude/ scriptwriter Martyn Dunn, chatting about making the movie and what it’s all about.

Then in the same issue comes their rave review of Dark Alley’s biggest hit to date, the notorious prison-parody Gaytanamo. It includes this great snippet:

There’s a fun, nasty attitude here that has become the studio’s trademark.

Now, bear in mind folks, this is the magazine that the entire gay adult industry looks to. If you want to know what’s hot and what’s not, this is the place to go, for producers, fans and store-owners alike. So needless to say we’re happy right now.

Read the full interview and review by picking up the July issue at any fine seller of whacking material, or read the online flash magazine at GAYVN.com.

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