July 25, 2024

Celebrating the Fist… to Borrow a Phrase

GAYVN Magazine, July 2024We just received word that Fisting Underground, Part 3 has been chosen as an Editor’s Choice Review in the September issue of GAYVN Magazine.

Which is pretty damn cool. Thanks guys!

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July 10, 2024

Darkness Ascending…

Richard West & Sancho Sun in Night EyesNight Eyes is getting some major love from the porn reviewers out there. The new Bubble B release from Dark Alley Distribution.

Phoenix-based smut rag (which we mean in the best way) The X Factor is the latest to fall over itself with love for Night Eyes, as you can read here or here. A taster:

… The models in Night Eyes are young men rather than twinks; they mostly don’t shave or wax their bodies, cracks or balls; and they are remarkably free of piercings and tattoos. It’s “organic” porn: no chemicals, additives or artificial ingredients. Give them extra points for having rock-hard and rippling abs … It’s pure vanilla, but at its erotic, sensuous best.

The review is available right now on the X Factor site, and will appear in the upcoming print issue, available in the Pheonix are and beyond.

Look out later this week for the chance to get to know Night Eyes stars Richard West and Sancho Sun a little better, with quickie interviews and photos.

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July 9, 2024


jockstrap.jpgA couple more mentions to make note of.

Mark Adams at Vidio View had the following to say:

You’ll want to know that Matthias Von Fistenberg’s 8 ½ from Dark Alley Media is now ready for pre-order. I can only wonder if … the estate of Federico Fellini will be bringing suit against the filthy NY studio for steal…er, borrowing, his title, which has been described as one of the greatest films about film ever made. In this new incarnation, Von Fistenberg presents four piggy sex scenes with eight performers, all hung at least – are you ready – 8 ½ inches. I’ll bet you never would have guessed. And it is an international cast, featuring Adam Faust, cutie Aaron King, Danny Fox, Brit Dillon Buck, German redhead Tim Kruger and tattooed French punk Demetrius. To see if it’s lawsuit-worthy or not, you can catch a preview at the DarkAlleyDirt website.

Meanwhile, WoodyReviews.com, provider of smut to HX Magazine, has a review of Fisting Underground 3:

There are tasteful fisting movies and then there is flat-out relentless, lube-filled, gut-wrenching fist-fucking. This is definitely the latter. … If you have a weak stomach, you shouldn’t go here.

Follow the links to read the full stories.

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July 5, 2024

Eastern Delight

Night EyesAlways first on the balls, Marc at Chronicles of Pornia already has a fantastic review of Night Eyes (pictured) up on his site.

Bubble B Entertainment’s Night Eyes is one fucktastic movie. Honestly, I half expected the production to be another run of the mill European feature, but this flick is one that I definitely recommend picking up. Not only are all of the models simply stunning and gorgeous but the scenes are incredibly hot and you won’t find yourself fast forwarding. This is a MUST own porno that you cannot afford to sleep on. Euro boy lovers should get it now!

That’s what we call a rave, fellas. Thanks Marc!

Read the full review here or here, and enjoy hot free preview pics here.

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GAYVN Hearts Dark Alley

GAYVN JulyIn related news, Dark Alley hearts GAYVN Magazine right back.

The July issue of gay porn industry standard (homo cousin of major monthly AVN, creators of the annual GAYVN Awards, and pictured right with cover babe Tory Mason) is all about Dark Alley. Well, okay, not all about, but we’re doing pretty damn well.

Under the mag’s Sneak Peek section, there’s a full page on Dark Alley’s upcoming “masterpiece” Von Fistenberg’s 8 ½, featuring mouth-watering photos of stars Tim Kruger and Dillon Buck (two guys who make our buttholes itch just looking at them) and extensive interviews with director Matthias von Fistenberg and PR dude/ scriptwriter Martyn Dunn, chatting about making the movie and what it’s all about.

Then in the same issue comes their rave review of Dark Alley’s biggest hit to date, the notorious prison-parody Gaytanamo. It includes this great snippet:

There’s a fun, nasty attitude here that has become the studio’s trademark.

Now, bear in mind folks, this is the magazine that the entire gay adult industry looks to. If you want to know what’s hot and what’s not, this is the place to go, for producers, fans and store-owners alike. So needless to say we’re happy right now.

Read the full interview and review by picking up the July issue at any fine seller of whacking material, or read the online flash magazine at GAYVN.com.

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July 2, 2024

X Marks the Spot

xfactor.jpgPheonix-based smut-lovers’ magazine The X-Factor has a new review up for the ass-tastic Fisting Underground, Part 3. You can find it right now on the front page of the mag’s website (although it may move to an archive soon).

Reviewer Harley Shadow had some good things and some bad things to say about the movie, which is fair enough really. Here’s a clip:

Fisting Underground III is fantastic because of its insatiable cast. It makes the previous two installments look like a cakewalk. This finale is glossy, crazy, intense and downright raunchy, which is always a good thing. The intensity and raunchiness is so over-the-top, it puts this film in just about the fisting major leagues.

Read the full review here or here. See free previews of the movie here and here, or just go straight to buy the thing here.

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June 18, 2024

Can’t Stand the Heat

FU3Never thought we’d revive a Bucks Fizz song title for a fisting review, but there you go.

Our good friend Marc at Chronicles of Pornia is first off the bat with a review of Dark Alley’s latest release Fisting Underground, Part 3. To quote from Marc’s review:

Honestly, I nearly passed out a few times while watching this one, and although I had seen both of its predecessor movies, my stomach just about fell out of my ass this time around. Director and supreme fisting auteur Matthias Von Fistenberg not only lives up to his name but offers up the kind of movie that will certainly challenge other studios to step up to the plate.

In response, frequent CofP reader Dewayne in SD commented:

Damn Marc, I love my fetish films (we all need an occasional walk on the dark side) but after watching FU 1 & 2 I don’t know if I can handle FU3. Owen & Mathias are determined to push and BREAK thru the envelope. If any thing you have to say these guys HAVE BALLS. Dark Alley has produced some of the most exciting porn in the last year! And Aaron King what a Dynamo!

So there you have it: if porn had gotten boring and formulaic for you, we have the perfect antidote. Even if it means a few sleepless nights afterwards.

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May 14, 2024

Breaking: Angelina Jolie in Gay Porn Shocker!

Okay, not really.

But the boys of New York’s fabu fagrag Next Magazine likened us to the big-lipped baby-buying babe (pictured). This week’s Double Take page was dedicated purely to Gaytanamo, with reviewers Rod Steely and Manuel Hung arguing over “the politicization of porn or the pornification of politics”:

Rod: You can be both political and sexy at the same time. Look at Angelina Jolie! If she can do it, why not Mathias von Fistenberg? Few movies have this much plot, cinematography and sex integrated into one film … Gaytanamo joins those classics. I found this flick equally disturbing and arousing. I couldn’t get enough!

Manuel: Many captives experience Stockholm Syndrome, but after [Danny] Fox’s nipples are electro-suctioned to cartoonish proportions, he is clearly a victim of the Tom of Finland Syndrome.

Read the full back-and-forth on Next’s site here, or at DarkAlley.com here.

We’d be flattered to be compared to the radiant Ms Jolie, if not for one thing: Bitch gets to suck Brad Pitt’s dick. So we automatically hate her.

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May 8, 2024

Win Some, Lose Some

xfactor.jpgSo there’s another rave review out for Gaytanamo, courtesy of Phoenix’s The X-Factor magazine. Their May issue includes a lengthy piece by Onan the Vulgarian, who loves him some politico-porn. Sayeth he:

The bitchy cleverness is a plus, not the least of which includes Hawk holding up a sign that reads “non Geneva Convention-approved torture techniques” and a faux classified document (perhaps part of the press kit only), with redacted text, reporting on the atrocities alleged to be happening at Gaytanamo. It’s a devilishly black concept with the kind of intense and realistic sex Dark Alley has made its name on.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Dark Alley has hit the big time with a mention in this week’s New York magazine. Seems the renowned culture and style rag wasn’t overly impressed with us, as we appear right down at the bottom of their Approval Matrix, the magazine’s “deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.” We fall at the crossroads between “low brow” and “despicable” with the in-depth critique, “Too-soon porn title of the week.”

Well, it’s no skin off our asses. Pissing off the conservatives is half the fun. Plus, we still rank higher than Britney.

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May 7, 2024

Fantasy World

chronicles.jpgThe new smut-loving blog Chronicles of Pornia got hold of a copy of Gaytanamo, and author Marc wrote a fierce and fantastic review. Marc is our new best friend, not least because he includes the fact that he has a big cock in his professional blog-writing bio. We need more boys like that. It begins:

Owen Hawk, you filthy animal. Matthias von Fistenberg, you sick SOB. But I fucking mean that with the utmost reverence and praise because I fucking loved this movie. Yes, my friends, Dark Alley Media’s most talked about porn production to date, “Gaytanamo” is undoubtedly controversial, and I really don’t care. This one’s in your face Mr. President and Mr. Vice President!

Click here to read the full thing, and while you’re at it, see how you do with Marc’s “Name That Ass” contest. We got 6 out of 9 – clearly we need to pay more attention to asses.

Wow – there’s a sentence we never thought we’d say.

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