September 20, 2024

Passio: The Gospel According to Matthias von Fistenberg

PassioStudio launches to introduce the provocative movie trailer

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September 20, 2024 (New York). Dark Alley Media’s Matthias von Fistenberg, never one to shy away from controversy, is now taking on perhaps the biggest institution of them all – Jesus Christ himself – in his latest movie, Passio.

With films known for bringing a biting wit and kinky gay sex edge to current events (including the award-winning Mutiny and political parody Gaytanamo), the notorious director has gone back 2,000 years to re-imagine the Son of God as Dark Alley Exclusive Danny Fox, bring love to all mankind. Whether tied to the cross or turning the Last Supper into a Feast of Flesh, he’s sure to inspire legions of men to kneel in worship.

Passio depicts a selection of incidents from the life of Jesus,” von Fistenberg explains. “The Latin word ‘passio’ means ‘suffering,’ and commonly it’s translated into English as ‘gospel.’ The original Passio texts tell the story of Jesus according to his Disciples – one of them being Matthias. Since my name is also Matthias, this movie is a gospel – a Passio. A version of the story according to me.”

When the current Pope calls gay people “satanic,” and the Anglican church is tearing itself apart over gays, the time is right to throw a different light on the subject, something von Fistenberg is only too happy to do.

The Last Temptation of Christ explored the humanistic aspect. Mel Gibson proved in Passion of the Christ that the naked body, whether suffering or not, is sexually attractive. Priest showed a gay priest lusting after Christ on the Crucifix. All of these are a prelude to my Passio,” says von Fistenberg. “I just took it one step further: if Jesus has feelings, needs and wants aside from the ones God supplied him, why can’t he also lust?”

Click right now to visit, the exclusive site featuring trailers and pics from this sure-to-be-talked about film. The site will be updated on an ongoing basis, so check back often.

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July 30, 2024

Top of the Pop-Shots

Von FistenbergOur new best friend Thom over at SmutJunkies (which, for those uneducated few, is basically an exhaustive encyclopedia of gay porn stars and films) has been busy updating Dark Alley’s pages on his very handy site.

Perfectly timed with the release of our new “cinematic masterpiece” Von Fistenberg’s 8½, the movie’s stars Danny Fox and Brett Silvers have pride of place on SmutJunkies’ front page. Cool!

On the same day, JRL Charts also has a great piece about this exciting new movie – read it here. They also do us the honor of linking to the fantastic trailer for Von Fistenberg’s 8½ right from their front page.

Don’t forget to check out the special preview pics right here or here, and watch the trailer here.

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