July 5, 2024

We Is Having da Internets Trouble

harddrive.jpgIn a disaster of galactic proportions, all the Dark Alley websites went down in an unexplained server crash earlier this week. Sales, video-on-demand, blog, email - the lot. Son of a bitch.

We got everything up and running again within an hour or so, but unfortunately, in the process, three blog items that had been uploaded on Tuesday disappeared into the ether. We’ll get them up again right now. Much apologizings if you were in the middle of a particularly satisfying wank at the time.

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June 26, 2024

Blog Roundup

Bring It OwlAll around the world, blogs and websites are picking up the Dark Alley baton and running with it. Lots to mention, so let’s get down to it.

Last week we announced our intention to “kick the Government while it’s down” by turning the ridiculous “gay bomb” fiasco into a hot porno parody. Well, lots of you loved that idea, and wrote about it all over the place.

Mark Adam’s Vidio View: “Written by Isaiah Washington, no doubt, the politically-correct studio head Matthias von Fistenberg says, “We’re not making this up.” Obviously, he reads this column, because I say that all the time.”

Gay gossip blog The Hot Lisp reported the news as well, as did PaperMag, Clusterflock and more.

Fleshbot: “No strangers to making porn movies ripped straight from the headlines, the canny pervs at Dark Alley Media announced today that they will be releasing a smut flick based on a certain years-old “news” story that’s been making the rounds again—and which we’re already sick of hearing about.” Ah well.

JoeMyGod got in on the act too, following from the press release: “To its knees. Yuk, yuk. Rimshot! Wait, that’s a different movie. Dark Alley says they’ll begin work on Gay Bomb in November, right after they finish production of their impending classic, 20 Fist Weekend. Rimshot! Wait, that is the name of their movie. I love my people.”

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June 4, 2024

We Mention Their Mention of Our Men… tion

pic c/o GayPornBlog.comDark Alley pops up on the blogosphere again today, thanks to our friends at Gay Porn Blog and Chronicles of Pornia.

The lovely Mike Stabile of GPB offered a roundup of all the many porn companies who set up shop at the IML Leather Market, with a lovely picture of Owen Hawk looking sheepish as Adam Faust’s arm disappears up somebody’s backside on the screen behind him. All in a day.

Meanwhile, Marc speaks of Dark Alley Shenanigans over at CofP, covering our adventures over IML weekend, plus our new distribution deals and the Sirius interview.

Cheers boys! Luv ya.

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