June 26, 2024

Blog Roundup

Bring It OwlAll around the world, blogs and websites are picking up the Dark Alley baton and running with it. Lots to mention, so let’s get down to it.

Last week we announced our intention to “kick the Government while it’s down” by turning the ridiculous “gay bomb” fiasco into a hot porno parody. Well, lots of you loved that idea, and wrote about it all over the place.

Mark Adam’s Vidio View: “Written by Isaiah Washington, no doubt, the politically-correct studio head Matthias von Fistenberg says, “We’re not making this up.” Obviously, he reads this column, because I say that all the time.”

Gay gossip blog The Hot Lisp reported the news as well, as did PaperMag, Clusterflock and more.

Fleshbot: “No strangers to making porn movies ripped straight from the headlines, the canny pervs at Dark Alley Media announced today that they will be releasing a smut flick based on a certain years-old “news” story that’s been making the rounds again—and which we’re already sick of hearing about.” Ah well.

JoeMyGod got in on the act too, following from the press release: “To its knees. Yuk, yuk. Rimshot! Wait, that’s a different movie. Dark Alley says they’ll begin work on Gay Bomb in November, right after they finish production of their impending classic, 20 Fist Weekend. Rimshot! Wait, that is the name of their movie. I love my people.”

The story was even picked up by megafamous mainstream entertainment site Wired.com, which then lead to further proliferation at BoingBoing.net, Wonderful Things and Life Particles:

We, ah, (self-important clearing of throat) blogged that “Pentagon gay bomb” thing over two years ago - so when the meme reappeared recently around the blogosphere, I swore to abstain. But this post from Noah Shachtman over at Wired’s “Danger Room” finally broke me down:

Military technology has inspired some of history’s greatest films: Firefox, Stealth, Crimson Tide… the list is practically endless. But never, to the best of my knowledge, has a gay porn house dared to play in this arena, strived to go head-to-head with these timeless classics. Friends, I can now report that this imbalance has been rectified.

Hell, they’re even talking about us in a remote North-Western Spanish community that no American has ever heard of, via the community news site Chuza.org. Of course, since it’s all in Galician (a local Spanish-Portuguese variant), we have no idea what they’re saying about us, but we’re grateful anyway.

Meanwhile, the porno-blogo-sphere came to some absolutely incredible and unfounded conclusions based on yesterday’s release about Dark Alley’s brand new movie, now in pre-ordering, Von Fistenberg’s 8 ½.

Sayeth The Adams Report:

Upstart studio Dark Alley Media got tongues wagging with the announcement a few weeks ago of Gay Bomb, a sex-satire in the vein of their recent Gaytanamo, which ruffled a few feathers. … With the Gaytanamo kerfuffle barely settled, those Dark Alley scamps, headed up by performer Owen Hawk and performer-director Matthias von Fistenberg, had the grapevine buzzing today with the announcement of another new film.

Chronicles of Pornia opined:

So my new boyfriend Aaron King stars in Dark Alley Media’s upcoming skin flick Von Fistenberg’s 8 ½. Be careful there boys. Don’t you remember that pesky lawsuit filed against that other NYC based porn company who were accused of copyright infringement on Fellini’s work? Of course that issue has since been resolved. I tease. I tease ya I say. If only Aaron were my boyfriend. Sigh.

Smut-site juggernaut Fleshbot put us in their “Great Moments in Press Releases” category:

It’s not always easy to separate actual press releases from the porn spam that floods our inbox every day—and once we do figure out which items are legitimate PR material, sometimes it’s hard to sift out things that are worth closer inspection from those that are just a cheap grab for attention or an attempt to pull our leg. So when we received one today from Dark Alley Media announcing the release of Von Fistenberg’s 8 ½, we had to ask ourselves: was this a real porn movie, or a non-so-subtle jab? Looks like it might well be both.

What could they ever be talking about? We just wanted to make a porn film. Honest.

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