September 28, 2024

Passio: The Last Supper Is a Feast of Flesh

The Last Supper“Eat this - it is my body,” says Danny Fox in Dark Alley’s new religious epic

For Immediate Release

September 28, 2024 (New York). One of the most legendary iconic images of religious tradition, Leonardo daVinci’s The Last Supper, has always been fodder for reference, reproduction and parody. Everything from The Simpsons to The Sopranos has done it, and it was memorably deconstructed in the megahit novel The DaVinci Code. Now notorious adult film director Matthias von Fistenberg has taken his turn, with his retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told – Passio.

Passio tells a number of tales from and about the life of Jesus Christ, played by heavenly Dark Alley exclusive Danny Fox (pictured above). In the climactic scene, Jesus sits down to the famous meal with his various acolytes, and before long breaking bread has become swallowing meat and pounding beef. Soon we get to see what happened once Leonardo put down the paintbrush and picked up the lube bottle.

Says von Fistenberg in his essay The Story Behind Passio: “The scenes of the Last Supper offer a radically new interpretation. I maintained the color palette and meticulous composition from Leonardo daVinci’s famous painting, yet I was more inspired by the elegant grouping of figures portrayed by another Renaissance master, Jacopo Bassano. Here is Jesus depicted in the company of men only, the stunned expression on his face giving way to the friendly affections of his disciples. One thing leads to another and soon everything in the entire feast smacks of a brilliant mise-en-scène.”

Christian groups are already crying holy hell over a similarly themed poster for this year’s Folsom Street Festival, and at least the folks in that image are fully dressed. Wait till they get a load of this feast of flesh! What those overly sensitive pious types fail to realize is that The Last Supper is not sacred ground – it’s just one man’s interpretation of something that may or may not have happened. Passio is just another re-interpretation, and one that’s a hell of a lot more fun! And do they forget that the guy who painted the original was gay too?

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September 20, 2024

Passio: The Gospel According to Matthias von Fistenberg

PassioStudio launches to introduce the provocative movie trailer

For Immediate Release
Contact: Martyn Dunn
, [email protected]

September 20, 2024 (New York). Dark Alley Media’s Matthias von Fistenberg, never one to shy away from controversy, is now taking on perhaps the biggest institution of them all – Jesus Christ himself – in his latest movie, Passio.

With films known for bringing a biting wit and kinky gay sex edge to current events (including the award-winning Mutiny and political parody Gaytanamo), the notorious director has gone back 2,000 years to re-imagine the Son of God as Dark Alley Exclusive Danny Fox, bring love to all mankind. Whether tied to the cross or turning the Last Supper into a Feast of Flesh, he’s sure to inspire legions of men to kneel in worship.

Passio depicts a selection of incidents from the life of Jesus,” von Fistenberg explains. “The Latin word ‘passio’ means ‘suffering,’ and commonly it’s translated into English as ‘gospel.’ The original Passio texts tell the story of Jesus according to his Disciples – one of them being Matthias. Since my name is also Matthias, this movie is a gospel – a Passio. A version of the story according to me.”

When the current Pope calls gay people “satanic,” and the Anglican church is tearing itself apart over gays, the time is right to throw a different light on the subject, something von Fistenberg is only too happy to do.

The Last Temptation of Christ explored the humanistic aspect. Mel Gibson proved in Passion of the Christ that the naked body, whether suffering or not, is sexually attractive. Priest showed a gay priest lusting after Christ on the Crucifix. All of these are a prelude to my Passio,” says von Fistenberg. “I just took it one step further: if Jesus has feelings, needs and wants aside from the ones God supplied him, why can’t he also lust?”

Click right now to visit, the exclusive site featuring trailers and pics from this sure-to-be-talked about film. The site will be updated on an ongoing basis, so check back often.

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July 31, 2024

Dark Alley Media Continues Expansion With New European Office

Matthias von FistenbergFor Immediate Release

Contact: 212-380-1010

August 1, 2024 (New York). Matthias von Fistenberg, creator and president of New York’s youngest, hottest and nastiest adult studio Dark Alley Media, announced today that the company intends to open a brand new base of operations in Berlin.

Drawn by the lure of sex-crazed men like Danny Fox and Tim Kruger, both stars of Dark Alley’s recent mega-hit movies like Gaytanamo and Von Fistenberg’s 8½, and both German natives, plus exciting partnerships with European companies Prime Pork and Bubble B, von Fistenberg is sure to find more flesh-hungry animals than ever to continue the company’s high-quality, low-morals reputation.

“Since so many of our most exciting recent discoveries, like Danny, Tim, Demetrius and Dillon Buck, have been Europe-based, it only made sense to open up this new office to more easily take advantage of the incredible men the region offers,” explained von Fistenberg (pictured above) of his decision.

The new office will come into operation as of September 1, 2024, sharing production, post-production, management and marketing with the original New York office. Upcoming releases such as religious epic Passio, extreme ass-play two-hander Matthias’ 20-Fist Weekend and politico-porn Gaytanamo’s follow-up Gay Bomb will be released to a sexualized and scandalized public as planned.

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June 12, 2024

Dark Alley Media prepares to drop the Gay Bomb

Gay BombFor Immediate Release
Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

June 12, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Following the controversial political parody of Gaytanamo, released to huge critical acclaim earlier this year, New York’s most filthy-fun gay film studio Dark Alley Media today announced plans to kick the US Government while it’s down.

Gay Bomb will take us into the future and the year 2012. George the Second has refused to step down as leader of the “free world,” and the nations of Europe have banded together to fight the new American military dictatorship. Desperate to fend off its attackers, the US launches the experimental “gay bomb,” designed to make the enemy forces drop their guns and turn fag. But the winds of fate blow in a different direction, and soon America is brought to its knees.

Recent news headlines revealed that Pentagon insiders admitted to having truly considered the “gay bomb” as an example of non-lethal chemical warfare in the Iraq War. The Air Force asked for a $7.5 million grant to develop the idea, which was proposed to the government’s highest scientific authority.

Dark Alley’s Matthias von Fistenberg said, “We’re really not making this up. In fact, if the Pentagon officials wants to see the outcome of this project, they should tune into Dark Alley TV on December 1.” Owen Hawk agreed: “This was too good an opportunity to pass up. When they’re not busy wiping their asses with the Constitution, they’re showing total contempt for basic scientific knowledge and spending tax dollars to turn armies gay. We should laugh at their expense every chance we get.”

Gay Bomb will begin filming in November 2024, after Dark Alley completes its already jam-packed production and release schedule for the year. Look out for current releases Gaytanamo and Fisting Underground, Part 3, as well as the upcoming Matthias von Fistenberg’s 8 ½ and 20 Fist Weekend.

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June 8, 2024

Bubble B Entertainment’s first release through Dark Alley Distribution, Night Eyes, already breaking records

Night EyesFor Immediate Release
Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

June 7, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Eastern Europe’s Bubble B Productions, the newest addition to Dark Alley’s distribution family, has released its first exciting movie upon a salivating U.S. audience. Night Eyes debuted on the TLA Video charts at #29, ranking higher even than Dark Alley’s own notorious recent release, Gaytanamo.

Night Eyes stars 11 of the Czech Republic’s most beautiful boys in a movie by award-winning performer, director, videographer and producer Jan Novak. In the story, young and horny voyeur Richard West uses his newly delivered telescope to observe other hot guys all across town. With the company’s trademark handsome faces, hard gymnast bodies, giant uncut pricks and inviting asses, these guy can’t keep their hands off each other under West’s watchful eye.

Bubble B represents a broadening of Dark Alley’s appeal. Known for hardcore fetish and leather action, Bubble B provides a different type of guy from Dark Alley’s tougher, rougher, freakier men, but they’re no less eager for sex for that difference.

Night Eyes is available for purchase now at, where you can also see a selection of free preview images. Other Bubble B releases, including Oral Sensations and Czech Gangbang Part 1, will follow soon.

Click below for special preview images.

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May 31, 2024

Dark Alley Distribution expands its horizons with Eastern Europe’s Bubble B Entertainment

Dark Alley DistributionFor Immediate Release
Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

May 24, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Adding to its ever-growing US distribution portfolio, which already includes Amsterdam’s Prime Pork and New York’s own Dragon Media, Dark Alley Distribution (a sister company of Dark Alley Media, New York’s youngest, hottest and nastiest gay porn producer) announced today that they have now become the exclusive US distributors of Eastern European gay porn producer Bubble B Entertainment.

Bubble B ProductionsBubble B is the creation of Jan Novak, himself a former porn performer, as well as writer, cinematographer, producer and award-winning director. His films feature the hottest young cuties from Eastern Europe, with beautiful faces, hard gymnast bodies, giant uncut pricks and inviting asses.

Dark Alley will begin distribution with Novak’s newest movie, Night Eyes, as well as two previously unreleased titles, Oral Sensations and Czech Gangbang Part 1. Other already available movies include Army of Sex, Alluring Cumback and Fucking With Vilem Cage. A further seven titles will become available soon, including Journey to Spain and BoyHunt Parts 1 & 2. More information can be found online at, or

NightDark Alley Media, 451 Communipaw Ave, New Jersey, NJ 07304, ph 212-380-1010 (New York), 415-829-7970 (San Francisco), fx 646-201-5549,,,

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May 23, 2024

Dark Alley Media Announces IML 2024 Plans
Including Debut of Fisting Underground, Part 3

For Immediate Release
Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

May 23, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Dark Alley Media, New York’s youngest, hottest and nastiest gay porn producer, announced today a “triple threat” of events planned for IML 2024, the 29th annual International Mister Leather weekend, taking place May 24–28.

forttroff.gif• Dark Alley begins a new relationship with popular online fetish-wear retailer Fort Troff by appearing at the enormous Fort Troff Pavilion on the third floor of this year’s Leather Market. The four-day market is the best-attended event of the entire weekend, welcoming more than 100 leather-and-fetish-based businesses to Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton Hotel. Commander Hawk of Fort Troff is “stoked” to have Dark Alley appear at his booth - find out more about the company at

fu3_title.jpg• Dark Alley is also excited to present the worldwide debut of its newest movie and the conclusion of the intense and award-nominated assplay trilogy, Fisting Underground, Part 3. The movie was teased recently with trailers and images released exclusively to, but anal enthusiasts can enjoy the full experience for the first time on screen at the Fort Troff Pavilion, Saturday and Sunday. The eagerly awaited movie will also be available for purchase for the first time at the event. See the preview now at

• Known for his legendarily insatiable asshole, as seen in movies like FistingPunks, Gaytanamo and the Fisting Underground trilogy, Matthias von Fistenberg will get stretched to the max on film by the nastiest, meanest and hottest asspigs we can find in Chicago as Dark Alley films Matthias’ 20-Fist Weekend during IML. Says von Fistenberg, “You can be one of the lucky ones—my ass can be yours!” If you’re interested in being one of those fortunate few, email pics and contact info to our Casting Director, Tony Bishop, at [email protected].

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May 21, 2024

Porn performer Tony Bishop joins Dark Alley Media as Casting Director

Tony BishopFor Immediate Release

Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

May 21, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Dark Alley Media, New York’s youngest, hottest and nastiest gay porn producer, is proud to announce that superstar porn performer Tony Bishop (pictured) has joined the company as Casting Director.

The popular versatile performer, who has appeared in hit movies for all the major gay porn companies, including Titan, Raging Stallion, Channel 1, Adonis Pictures, Hot House, Falcon and Studio 2000, is perhaps best known for his fat, tattooed dick and wide range of fetish tastes, including fisting, bondage and sounding. As a performer in more than two dozen movies, Bishop has the contacts and experience to make him a perfect match for the heavy and hardcore movies of Dark Alley.

In an interview conducted in November 2006, Bishop described his first sexual experience with a man he met at church, of all places. “We met one Sunday after church for dinner at his place,” Bishop recalled “One thing led to another and we ended up in his twin-size bed having consensual oral sex. Boy gosh, he had a huge penis and he was surprised that I was able to take the whole thing down my throat. I made him cum within minutes, and a few hours later we did it again.”

Fans can read the full interview at, and find out more about Tony himself at his MySpace page,

Dark Alley Media, 451 Communipaw Ave, New Jersey, NJ 07304, ph 212-380-1010 (New York), 415-829-7970 (San Francisco), fx 646-201-5549,,,

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May 15, 2024

Dark Alley Media signs exclusive US distribution deal with Europe’s Prime Pork Productions

primepork.jpgFor Immediate Release

Contact: Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

May 14, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Creator and President of Dark Alley Media Matthias von Fistenberg announced today the signing of a new exclusive distribution deal with Amsterdam-based hardcore gay porn company Prime Pork. The deal will bring five movies in 2024 and a further six in 2008 to American shores, to be billed under the “Dark Alley International Presents Prime Pork” banner.

Prime Pork’s movies mesh perfectly with Dark Alley’s extreme-porn, fetish-oriented aesthetic. Featuring a mature, experienced and fearless roster of performers, the movies involve scenes of hardcore fucking, fisting, skinheads, piercings, tattoos, leather, vacuum-pumping, dildos, watersports, group sex, bondage, flogging and even foot-fucking. The company’s catalogue includes titles such as Eurolympigs and Take My Belt.

“It great to have Europe’s filthiest porn company in partnership with America’s filthiest porn company,” said von Fistenberg. “These movies will fill out our previously limited International line and introduce American audiences to before unseen levels of hardcore action.”

Danny Fox

The deal takes effect on June 1, with the first release being called Triple F, and will include Video-On-Demand releases to help build the Prime Pork brand in the US. The two-part Celebrating the Fist also features the first performances of new DAM exclusive model Danny Fox (pictured), who starred in Dark Alley’s controversial recent political parody, Gaytanamo.

Prime Pork’s movies, as well as a novelty sex-toy store, can be found online at, and soon under the International label at Prime Pork videos and other exclusive content will also be available through a new membership site.

Dark Alley Media, 451 Communipaw Ave, New Jersey, NJ 07304, ph 212-380-1010 (New York), 415-829-7970 (San Francisco), fx 646-201-5549,,,

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April 18, 2024

Dark Alley Media and NakedSword partner on rare same-day VOD / DVD release for Gaytanamo

For Immediate Release
Contact: Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

April 18, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). New York’s most filthy-fun gay movie company Dark Alley Media and adult video-on-demand giant NakedSword have joined forces over Dark Alley’s notorious new movie, Gaytanamo. In a rare move, NakedSword will simultaneously release the porno-political parody via its own VOD service at, as Dark Alley releases it to retail stores across the nation on April 20, 2024.

“It’s not everyday that we get a chance to promote a movie as talked about as Gaytanamo,” said Michael Stabile, Director of Marketing at NakedSword. “There’s been such an uproar in the press over this film from people who haven’t even seen it. We’re thrilled to be working with Dark Alley to get the film online and in front of as many people as possible. I’ve never seen debate like this before over an adult film.”

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