September 19, 2024

Those Southern Baptists Must Be Wetting Themselves

aaronjesus.jpgDark Alley exclusive Aaron King (pictured) was in New Orleans in time for Southern Decadence – it was the final stop on the Nardicio’s Great Gay American Road Trip, after all. While he was there, we took the chance to freak out the locals in that way we enjoy so much.

Quoted from Next Magazine’s “Scene and Heard” column:

Getting the city’s attention – and a fair amount of wide-eyed shock – was Dark Alley porn pup Aaron King, who topped his spiky blond hair with a spiky crown of thorns in a “street theater” reenactment (ahem, porno publicity stunt) of Jesus carrying the cross down Bourbon Street with a crying Violet Temper as Mary Magdalene following behind and two hunky models whipping the shit out of him. Seriously. More than a few times King stumbled and fell, as his back and legs got redder than most of the confused yet curious faces of the drunks watching. Even when drinks and spit started flying, King took it like a champ, which no doubt the cast of Passio does. Rumor has it a similar stunt will be pulled soon down 14th Street from Chelsea to Union Square. If Gaytanamo questioned good taste, this one is bound to start a maelstrom!

hx-aaron-cover.jpgOh, there’ll be lynchings a-plenty, no doubt. Read the full story and see more pics here.

Meanwhile, Aaron also graces the cover of HX Magazine, blowing out the candles (and other things) to celebrate the venerable fag rag’s 16th anniversary.

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