July 23, 2024

Travels With Crazy

Next MagazineDid you miss Nardicio’s Great Gay American Road Trip!? Shame on you! What kind of gay are you?

But don’t worry. You can watch the full pilot episode of this insane documentary of 15 of New York’s wackiest nightlife personalities crammed into a school bus and driven through middle America on YouTube.

Here’s Part 1 for your enjoyment:

“Trannies, drag queens, porn stars too, loads of faggots just for you!”

To see the rest of the show, and learn how cops in Delaware feel about the new Club Kids, click right here.

Aaron KingMeanwhile, our lovely friends at Next Magazine pulled out all the stops for their gorgeous cover story on the trip, which features Dark Alley cutie Aaron King (pictured) and is co-produced by Owen Hawk. With a stunning cover shot by Justin Hyte, the story reveals all the drama and some fantastic exclusive behind-scenes shots.

Like all reality television, public reaction is at the core of this wacky already-self-proclaimed “most talked-about show that hasn’t been picked up yet.” “The reason I like to throw parties is because people take life too seriously,” says Nardicio. “We bring a little bit of joy and color into [average Americans’] otherwise drab lives and make them laugh a little. We brighten people’s day!”

Read the full story and see those great pics here.

And don’t think that just because you weren’t in Baltimore, you escaped the insanity. Check the map below for the all the other cities Nardicio’s planning on faggifying in the coming months.


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