June 18, 2024

Can’t Stand the Heat

FU3Never thought we’d revive a Bucks Fizz song title for a fisting review, but there you go.

Our good friend Marc at Chronicles of Pornia is first off the bat with a review of Dark Alley’s latest release Fisting Underground, Part 3. To quote from Marc’s review:

Honestly, I nearly passed out a few times while watching this one, and although I had seen both of its predecessor movies, my stomach just about fell out of my ass this time around. Director and supreme fisting auteur Matthias Von Fistenberg not only lives up to his name but offers up the kind of movie that will certainly challenge other studios to step up to the plate.

In response, frequent CofP reader Dewayne in SD commented:

Damn Marc, I love my fetish films (we all need an occasional walk on the dark side) but after watching FU 1 & 2 I don’t know if I can handle FU3. Owen & Mathias are determined to push and BREAK thru the envelope. If any thing you have to say these guys HAVE BALLS. Dark Alley has produced some of the most exciting porn in the last year! And Aaron King what a Dynamo!

So there you have it: if porn had gotten boring and formulaic for you, we have the perfect antidote. Even if it means a few sleepless nights afterwards.

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