July 2, 2024

X Marks the Spot

xfactor.jpgPheonix-based smut-lovers’ magazine The X-Factor has a new review up for the ass-tastic Fisting Underground, Part 3. You can find it right now on the front page of the mag’s website (although it may move to an archive soon).

Reviewer Harley Shadow had some good things and some bad things to say about the movie, which is fair enough really. Here’s a clip:

Fisting Underground III is fantastic because of its insatiable cast. It makes the previous two installments look like a cakewalk. This finale is glossy, crazy, intense and downright raunchy, which is always a good thing. The intensity and raunchiness is so over-the-top, it puts this film in just about the fisting major leagues.

Read the full review here or here. See free previews of the movie here and here, or just go straight to buy the thing here.

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