July 25, 2024

Celebrating the Fist… to Borrow a Phrase

GAYVN Magazine, July 2024We just received word that Fisting Underground, Part 3 has been chosen as an Editor’s Choice Review in the September issue of GAYVN Magazine.

Which is pretty damn cool. Thanks guys!

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July 24, 2024

“You’re Not Integral to the Project…”

immigration.jpgWell, this here is pretty fucked up.

According to Britain’s gay news site PinkNews.co.uk, the European Union just agreed to a new “security” measure for European citizens flying into the US. This agreement requires that all passengers submit much more personal information to their airline than ever before while booking their ticket.

This information will include, just for starters, “ethnic origin, political and philosophical opinions, credit card numbers, trade union membership, sex life and details of the passengers’ health,” and, once collected, will be made available to any US government agency that wants it, with no limit on what they can do with it.

Franco Frattini, vice president of the European Commission, said more sensitive information would be filtered out, and only used, “in exceptional cases, and to fight terrorism and other serious crimes.”

Yup, they’re using the good old “terrorist” chestnut again.

So now, the US government knows exactly how many gays are entering our land, and exactly where to find them, and whether they like Bush or not.

Does anyone seriously think this is a good idea?

Read the full story here, and see what you think.

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July 23, 2024

Travels With Crazy

Next MagazineDid you miss Nardicio’s Great Gay American Road Trip!? Shame on you! What kind of gay are you?

But don’t worry. You can watch the full pilot episode of this insane documentary of 15 of New York’s wackiest nightlife personalities crammed into a school bus and driven through middle America on YouTube.

Here’s Part 1 for your enjoyment:

“Trannies, drag queens, porn stars too, loads of faggots just for you!”

To see the rest of the show, and learn how cops in Delaware feel about the new Club Kids, click right here.

Continue reading "Travels With Crazy"

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July 19, 2024

Well, Do You?

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The Ride of Your Life

NardicioDon’t forget kiddies – tomorrow is the launch of the gayest TV show ever seen, Nardicio’s Great Gay American Road Trip!. A few of the cooler porn blogs out there have picked up the story, what with Dark Alley’s Owen Hawk and Aaron King being intimately involved in the project.

Big daddy industry blog of them all GAYVN.com mentioned it right here. Porn gossip blog QueerMeNow did the same here, and world-conquering amateur porn collector Matt of DudeTube pushed it to his thousands of daily readers with this post.

Don’t forget, if you’re in New York, grab your tickets for the live premier tomorrow night, 7pm Friday, July 20 at the Bijou Theater in the East Village.

And if you’re not, then be sure to catch it streaming on DList.com or Maleflixxx.tv.

And look out for Next Magazine’s cover story tomorrow, all about it!

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July 11, 2024

Watch Out Heteros! The Road Trip Is Coming!

NYC’s “King of Queer Sleaze” (Village Voice) Daniel Nardicio joins forces with Dark Alley Media mogul Owen Hawk to create a groundbreaking joint venture. What happens when you cram 15 of New York’s hottest nightlife stars onto one rickety old school bus and take ‘em cross country? You’ll find out on Nardicio’s Great Gay American Road Trip!.

Daniel Nardicio, creator of megahit networking-hookup-media-blog-kitchen-sink site DList.com (“the all-gay MySpace – but hotter”) has pulled together an incredible array of all the hottest drag queens, go-go boys, porn stars and other fabulous freaks to scare the hell out of America.

Part documentary, part club night, part porno and all-gay, Nardicio’s Great Gay American Road Trip will take this bus full of beauty on a tour of cities across the United States, bringing the New York underground flava to all these quiet, sleepy towns, holding contests to find the hottest new go-go to join the team at every stop, and watching how America handles the craziness. It’ll be more sought after than the iPhone!

First stop: Baltimore!

Daniel NardicioIncluded in the team are:
“Big Tittied Honky Soul Mama” Sweetie
“Mouth of the South” and New Orleans transplant Bianca del Rio
Outrageous nightlife trannie Dina Delicious
Out Performer of the Year Jessie O
Horse-hung Lucas Entertainment exclusive Ben Andrews
Űber-cute Dark Alley porn star Aaron King,
Sassy house and advice diva Robbyne Kaamil
New York’s sexiest go-gos Chase, Brad, Jay and Gio
And of course, the PT Barnum of gay New York, circus ringleader Daniel Nardicio (pictured right)

Join us live 7pm Friday, July 20 @ at legendary smut cinema Bijou Theatre on E Fourth St in NYC for the glittering premiere event, or if you’re not in New York (and if not, why not?) then catch the show streaming live on DList.com or Maleflixxx.tv.

Event sponsored by
Dark Alley Media
Andrew Christian Underwear

For more information, see Daniel’s interview with NightCharm, Daniel’s weekly live radio show DList Radio or DList.com/GayRoadTrip. Also, watch out for Next Magazine’s cover story on Friday, July 20.

And buckle up – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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July 10, 2024

Darkness Ascending…

Richard West & Sancho Sun in Night EyesNight Eyes is getting some major love from the porn reviewers out there. The new Bubble B release from Dark Alley Distribution.

Phoenix-based smut rag (which we mean in the best way) The X Factor is the latest to fall over itself with love for Night Eyes, as you can read here or here. A taster:

… The models in Night Eyes are young men rather than twinks; they mostly don’t shave or wax their bodies, cracks or balls; and they are remarkably free of piercings and tattoos. It’s “organic” porn: no chemicals, additives or artificial ingredients. Give them extra points for having rock-hard and rippling abs … It’s pure vanilla, but at its erotic, sensuous best.

The review is available right now on the X Factor site, and will appear in the upcoming print issue, available in the Pheonix are and beyond.

Look out later this week for the chance to get to know Night Eyes stars Richard West and Sancho Sun a little better, with quickie interviews and photos.

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“A Leather Harness Never Goes Out of Fashion…”

Kathy Griffin, image c/o GayVN.comLast February, the GAYVN Awards scored a major casting coup when comedienne extraordinaire Kathy Griffin (pictured) signed to host the 2024 awards ceremony at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre.

And tonight, on Bravo, you can see exactly what Kathy thought of the whole thing when her Emmy-nominated docu-comedy My Life on the D-List covers that amazing evening.

Make sure you tune in tonight (10pm Tuesday, July 10) and catch all the fun as Kathy makes out with Erik Rhodes and entertains a crowd of prison inmates.

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July 9, 2024


jockstrap.jpgA couple more mentions to make note of.

Mark Adams at Vidio View had the following to say:

You’ll want to know that Matthias Von Fistenberg’s 8 ½ from Dark Alley Media is now ready for pre-order. I can only wonder if … the estate of Federico Fellini will be bringing suit against the filthy NY studio for steal…er, borrowing, his title, which has been described as one of the greatest films about film ever made. In this new incarnation, Von Fistenberg presents four piggy sex scenes with eight performers, all hung at least – are you ready – 8 ½ inches. I’ll bet you never would have guessed. And it is an international cast, featuring Adam Faust, cutie Aaron King, Danny Fox, Brit Dillon Buck, German redhead Tim Kruger and tattooed French punk Demetrius. To see if it’s lawsuit-worthy or not, you can catch a preview at the DarkAlleyDirt website.

Meanwhile, WoodyReviews.com, provider of smut to HX Magazine, has a review of Fisting Underground 3:

There are tasteful fisting movies and then there is flat-out relentless, lube-filled, gut-wrenching fist-fucking. This is definitely the latter. … If you have a weak stomach, you shouldn’t go here.

Follow the links to read the full stories.

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July 5, 2024


handbags.jpgGaySexBlog.net has a piece on Von Fistenberg’s 8 ½, in the exact same article mentioning another company’s upcoming release.

Handbags at dawn, ladies.

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