May 31, 2024

Dark Alley Distribution expands its horizons with Eastern Europe’s Bubble B Entertainment

Dark Alley DistributionFor Immediate Release
Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

May 24, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Adding to its ever-growing US distribution portfolio, which already includes Amsterdam’s Prime Pork and New York’s own Dragon Media, Dark Alley Distribution (a sister company of Dark Alley Media, New York’s youngest, hottest and nastiest gay porn producer) announced today that they have now become the exclusive US distributors of Eastern European gay porn producer Bubble B Entertainment.

Bubble B ProductionsBubble B is the creation of Jan Novak, himself a former porn performer, as well as writer, cinematographer, producer and award-winning director. His films feature the hottest young cuties from Eastern Europe, with beautiful faces, hard gymnast bodies, giant uncut pricks and inviting asses.

Dark Alley will begin distribution with Novak’s newest movie, Night Eyes, as well as two previously unreleased titles, Oral Sensations and Czech Gangbang Part 1. Other already available movies include Army of Sex, Alluring Cumback and Fucking With Vilem Cage. A further seven titles will become available soon, including Journey to Spain and BoyHunt Parts 1 & 2. More information can be found online at, or

NightDark Alley Media, 451 Communipaw Ave, New Jersey, NJ 07304, ph 212-380-1010 (New York), 415-829-7970 (San Francisco), fx 646-201-5549,,,

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Down But Not Out

suicidekitty.jpgSo, yeah… the Grabbys didn’t exactly go our way this year. We lost out in all three categories we were nominated in, but like they say, winning isn’t everything, it’s an honour just to be…. No, we can’t even finish that.

Anyway, Hot House swept the night, with eight awards, five of them for prison-pumping epic Justice, with Falcon bringing up the rear with four awards for The Velvet Mafia.

Check out these sites for more detailed reports and galleries from the awards ceremony:

Gay Porn Blog

The Adams Report

Woody Reviews

GayVN Magazine

Don’t think for a second this is going to slow us down. In case you didn’t notice by the enormous number of press releases we’ve been sending out lately, Dark Alley has a hell of a lot of stuff in the bag for the rest of 2024. Onward and upward!

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May 29, 2024

Not Dead Yet

Prophet CatHey guys - just wanted to write a quick note to say that we haven’t forgotten you. We’re just recovering from IML weekend and all the attendant debauchery, which included more hands going up one man’s backside than you’ve ever seen before (or likely ever will again).

We’ll be back tomorrow to give you the full run-down, dick-up of the weekend, along with some fantastic photos from the event.

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May 23, 2024

Grabbing in Chicago

Grabbys 2024Jet-setting studs that we are, today sees Dark Alley heading to Chicago to take part in IML 2024, the 29th annual International Mister Leather weekend. As we reported yesterday, you can find us at the Fort Troff Pavilion on the third floor of the Leather Market. Get exhibitor lists, event schedules and maps at

One of those events is the 2024 Grabby Awards, the “people’s porn awards, where fans come first!” Dark Alley is nominated in three categories this year. For the second year running, we’re up for Best Fetish Film for Fisting Underground Part 1, and our GAYVN-winning reality-porn two-parter The Show is up for both Best Art Direction and Best Screenplay.

We hope you’re all crossing your fingers (but not your legs) for us on the night. We’ll certainly be there – assuming we can still walk after Matthias’ 20-Fist Weekend, anyway. Find out all the details at

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Dark Alley Media Announces IML 2024 Plans
Including Debut of Fisting Underground, Part 3

For Immediate Release
Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

May 23, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Dark Alley Media, New York’s youngest, hottest and nastiest gay porn producer, announced today a “triple threat” of events planned for IML 2024, the 29th annual International Mister Leather weekend, taking place May 24–28.

forttroff.gif• Dark Alley begins a new relationship with popular online fetish-wear retailer Fort Troff by appearing at the enormous Fort Troff Pavilion on the third floor of this year’s Leather Market. The four-day market is the best-attended event of the entire weekend, welcoming more than 100 leather-and-fetish-based businesses to Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton Hotel. Commander Hawk of Fort Troff is “stoked” to have Dark Alley appear at his booth - find out more about the company at

fu3_title.jpg• Dark Alley is also excited to present the worldwide debut of its newest movie and the conclusion of the intense and award-nominated assplay trilogy, Fisting Underground, Part 3. The movie was teased recently with trailers and images released exclusively to, but anal enthusiasts can enjoy the full experience for the first time on screen at the Fort Troff Pavilion, Saturday and Sunday. The eagerly awaited movie will also be available for purchase for the first time at the event. See the preview now at

• Known for his legendarily insatiable asshole, as seen in movies like FistingPunks, Gaytanamo and the Fisting Underground trilogy, Matthias von Fistenberg will get stretched to the max on film by the nastiest, meanest and hottest asspigs we can find in Chicago as Dark Alley films Matthias’ 20-Fist Weekend during IML. Says von Fistenberg, “You can be one of the lucky ones—my ass can be yours!” If you’re interested in being one of those fortunate few, email pics and contact info to our Casting Director, Tony Bishop, at [email protected].

Dark Alley Media, 451 Communipaw Ave, New Jersey, NJ 07304, ph 212-380-1010 (New York), 415-829-7970 (San Francisco), fx 646-201-5549,,,

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May 22, 2024

21 Questions with Tony Bishop

tbishop4111.jpgThis interview was first conducted by in November 2006.

1. Tell us about your first gay experience. We want details!
Well I have only had gay experiences, cuz I’m gay! I was 16 years old and I had a huge crush on an older man. We met at a church function - yes, this is when I was good Christian boy. We met one Sunday after church for dinner at his place. One thing lead to another and we ended up in his twin-size bed, having consensual oral sex. Boy gosh, he had a huge penis, and he was surprised that I was able to take the whole thing down my throat. I made him cum within minutes, and a few hours later we did it again.

2. What lead you to the porn, model and escort world?
I moved to San Francisco in January 2003, and I was attending the California Culinary Academy. A friend of mine approached me and said that I would be perfect to do porn and model, as he knew that I had a huge cock, great face and ass, as well as personality. But the gist of it is that I needed the money.

3. The sounding in Slam Dunk is fucking hot. When did you first sound, do you do catheters, and would you allow the piss to be given back to you as an enema?
I started doing sounds when I was 18. I went to my local leather store in Seattle, and inquired about them after I had stuck a smooth nail in my piss slit and it felt great. So I knew there had to be something out there for me. I love catheters and would enjoy my piss given back to me in my mouth or ass!

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May 21, 2024

Porn performer Tony Bishop joins Dark Alley Media as Casting Director

Tony BishopFor Immediate Release

Martyn Dunn, [email protected]

May 21, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Dark Alley Media, New York’s youngest, hottest and nastiest gay porn producer, is proud to announce that superstar porn performer Tony Bishop (pictured) has joined the company as Casting Director.

The popular versatile performer, who has appeared in hit movies for all the major gay porn companies, including Titan, Raging Stallion, Channel 1, Adonis Pictures, Hot House, Falcon and Studio 2000, is perhaps best known for his fat, tattooed dick and wide range of fetish tastes, including fisting, bondage and sounding. As a performer in more than two dozen movies, Bishop has the contacts and experience to make him a perfect match for the heavy and hardcore movies of Dark Alley.

In an interview conducted in November 2006, Bishop described his first sexual experience with a man he met at church, of all places. “We met one Sunday after church for dinner at his place,” Bishop recalled “One thing led to another and we ended up in his twin-size bed having consensual oral sex. Boy gosh, he had a huge penis and he was surprised that I was able to take the whole thing down my throat. I made him cum within minutes, and a few hours later we did it again.”

Fans can read the full interview at, and find out more about Tony himself at his MySpace page,

Dark Alley Media, 451 Communipaw Ave, New Jersey, NJ 07304, ph 212-380-1010 (New York), 415-829-7970 (San Francisco), fx 646-201-5549,,,

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Running Up That Hill

Senator Hillary ClintonOne of the most famous women ever to spread her legs on camera, the legendary lady Jenna Jameson, gives two thumbs up to presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton (pictured) in an interview with Amongst discussing topics covering allover her mainstream-crossover life, Miss J was asked who her favourite Democrat was.

“I love Hillary. I think that in some ways she’s pretty conservative for a Democrat, but I would love to have a woman in office. I think that it would be a step in the right direction for our country, and there would be less focus on war and more focus on bettering society.”

We can’t help but wholeheartedly agree – having Mrs. Clinton in the Oval Office would rule in the highest. We’re not sure if Hillary would actually appreciate a vote of confidence from adult industry, but we imagine she feels a certain kinship with Jenna – they are, after all, two strong women who demand their rightful respect and are determined to make their mark on a male-dominated world.

Work it, ladies!

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Dinner and a Show

cat-solo.jpgSo, we spent a couple of days in Seattle – family stuff, you wouldn’t be interested. Our hotel bordered right onto the Pike & Pine gay area, so we were within easy staggering distance of all the bars, clubs and whorehouses. And far from the wet weather the town is famous for, we could actually sunbathe for a few hours.

So we settled in by the pool, taking up the last corner of direct sunlight. Immediately, a hot boy came through the door and out onto the patio – young, jockish, straight out of an A&F catalogue. The boyf and I looked at each other, silently saying “Ooh, have you seen?”

Then came another hot boy. And another. And then a fourth. Thank God for sunglasses, or those boys would have seen our eyes hanging out of our heads. Bringing up the rear was the “funny one” – by which I mean a big fella, like 300 pounds of roly-poly fun.

The boys all dive into the pool, and the boyf and I sit back to observe. Now, these boys were young – no more than 18, surely. Flawless tans, smooth skin, white teeth, talking about their exam results for God’s sake. Frolicking, splashing, swimming. The fat one starts making Chewbacca noises, to the huge amusement of the rest.

Then the first boy and the second boy get closer. One picks the other up as if to toss him into the water playfully…and they start making out.

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May 15, 2024

Take the High Road

whoop.jpgWow, busy day. Famous evangelist and rabidly anti-gay conservative crazy man Jerry Falwell up and met his maker, where we sincerely hope a big, busty, fabulous black goddess with bi tendencies tells him in no uncertain terms, “Nuh-uh. Got it wrong there, Buster.”

See, we’re torn here. On the one hand we wanted to take the moral high ground, remain the better men, and offer his bereaved family Best Wishes. On the other hand, we want to immediately throw a great big rainbow-coloured party featuring all forms of perversion and a big fat drag queen singing “Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead.”

They say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. Bad karma and all that. But does that really apply to someone who used every breath that came out of his body to speak ill of us? This is, after all, the man who supported apartheid, faked an interview with a reporter saying that Bill Clinton ordered them killed, called our same-sex-lovin’ brothers and sisters “vile and Satanic,” claimed AIDS was God’s punishment, and blamed the September 11 attacks on gays. These facts are all on public record – the man made no secret of his hatred.

So, what to do? Dilemma. Obviously, we as a people are better off without this man in the world. To say good things about a man in death when we had nothing but bad things to say in life would be hypocritical. But if we celebrate any man’s death, are we any better? Tell us what you think.

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