May 15, 2024

Take the High Road

whoop.jpgWow, busy day. Famous evangelist and rabidly anti-gay conservative crazy man Jerry Falwell up and met his maker, where we sincerely hope a big, busty, fabulous black goddess with bi tendencies tells him in no uncertain terms, “Nuh-uh. Got it wrong there, Buster.”

See, we’re torn here. On the one hand we wanted to take the moral high ground, remain the better men, and offer his bereaved family Best Wishes. On the other hand, we want to immediately throw a great big rainbow-coloured party featuring all forms of perversion and a big fat drag queen singing “Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead.”

They say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. Bad karma and all that. But does that really apply to someone who used every breath that came out of his body to speak ill of us? This is, after all, the man who supported apartheid, faked an interview with a reporter saying that Bill Clinton ordered them killed, called our same-sex-lovin’ brothers and sisters “vile and Satanic,” claimed AIDS was God’s punishment, and blamed the September 11 attacks on gays. These facts are all on public record – the man made no secret of his hatred.

So, what to do? Dilemma. Obviously, we as a people are better off without this man in the world. To say good things about a man in death when we had nothing but bad things to say in life would be hypocritical. But if we celebrate any man’s death, are we any better? Tell us what you think.

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