April 17, 2024

Tasty Tim and Roamin’ Roma Come up our Dark Alley

nowplaying_54.jpgThe second part of hard-working porno-journos Tim and Roma’s bi-coastal bazaar is up and playing to crowds on The Tim & Roma Show, and it’s all about Dark Alley Media.

Matthias von Fistenberg and Owen Hawk invited gay-man-in-a-straight-girl’s-body videographer to the stars Mr. Pam into DAM’s orifices – sorry, offices - for a chat and a tour of the set. Owen laments the hard work that goes into the production side of the business, which he never realized when he was “just” a model, while Matt recalls the last non-DAM porn set he was on, thinking “I could do better than this” the whole time. Says Matt:

“For me as a director, it’s much more difficult. I have to get fisted and at the same time think about whether the cameraman is doing a good job. We have to try to deliver a performance, and… ummm… sit on a hand.”

Roll on over to The Tim & Roma Show to watch the clip right now.

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