May 2, 2024

Political Porn Keeps Popping Up

queerty.jpgAnd still they talk!

After all the furor their original piece caused in the Comments section, the clever boys over at NY nancy blog Queerty dove into the morass of controversy, judgments and righteousness of Gaytanamo again today.

In an utterly brilliant piece, writer James Withers speaks from the perspective of one who has actually seen the movie in question.

“Now that it has been released, everyone can unwind his or her panties (unless you’re an all-around porn hater, in which case those undies can stay nice and tight), because Gaytanamo is not some homage to the effectiveness, nor necessity of torture in this post 9/11 world. In fact, Gaytanamo is so against state sponsored brutality, the score includes Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich, who spent most of his career trying to navigate the whims of power. Taken as a political statement, Gaytanamo should make the folk at Amnesty International misty-eyed and keep their palms hairy.”

He goes on to quote our own Owen Hawk and Matthias von Fistenberg - “We are used to porn pretending. Everything is contrived and poorly executed. In our film there is a realism and that suddenly disturbs people” - and even compares us to Bond flick Casino Royale and TV juggernaut 24.

Read the whole thing here. And thanks Queerty, for helping us get the message out.

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