May 14, 2024

Breaking: Angelina Jolie in Gay Porn Shocker!

Okay, not really.

But the boys of New York’s fabu fagrag Next Magazine likened us to the big-lipped baby-buying babe (pictured). This week’s Double Take page was dedicated purely to Gaytanamo, with reviewers Rod Steely and Manuel Hung arguing over “the politicization of porn or the pornification of politics”:

Rod: You can be both political and sexy at the same time. Look at Angelina Jolie! If she can do it, why not Mathias von Fistenberg? Few movies have this much plot, cinematography and sex integrated into one film … Gaytanamo joins those classics. I found this flick equally disturbing and arousing. I couldn’t get enough!

Manuel: Many captives experience Stockholm Syndrome, but after [Danny] Fox’s nipples are electro-suctioned to cartoonish proportions, he is clearly a victim of the Tom of Finland Syndrome.

Read the full back-and-forth on Next’s site here, or at here.

We’d be flattered to be compared to the radiant Ms Jolie, if not for one thing: Bitch gets to suck Brad Pitt’s dick. So we automatically hate her.

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