April 26, 2024

Survey Says… You’re a Cocksucker!

usfhealth.jpgYou know how we always love talking about our sex lives. Who we’ve fucked, who’s fucked us, how big it was, how we got away from the police… now we have the perfect excuse to spill our guts and help a complete stranger at the same time.

Our pervy pal Jared of SF-based naughty blog Completely Naked turned us on to another friend of his, Christopher. It seems Chris is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa, and he needs our help to complete a survey all about gay men’s sexual habits and concepts of masculinity. We would have thought Tampa has plenty of opportunity for hands-on experience, especially for a hot young college graduate, but what the hell, we’re good people. And so are you!

Check out http://www.men4mensurvey.org and fill in the forms. It’s so quick and simple, you don’t even have to take your other hand off your dick to do it. It’s also completely anonymous, so your wife, husband or congregation need never know.

You can have the joy of knowing you’ve helped an intelligent young man gain his Master’s degree, while fantasizing about what goes on in his frat house after lights out. That’s what we did anyway. In fact, it’s what we’re doing right now.

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