May 15, 2024

Sex Toy Damage Costs Thousands to Repair

Oliver Kahn, photo c/o some of those toys they sell on Eighth Avenue, or Castro Street, or Santa Monica Blvd, would cause some serious damage? Turns out they didn’t even need to get that big before people would start hemorrhaging.

From the wallet, that is. It’s all over the gay blogosphere – although, being the intellectual and cultured homos that we are, we actually saw it first at the BBC Europe page.

It seems that German star footballers Michael Ballack and Oliver Kahn have won financial damages from a sex toy company, who sold special World Cup merchandise vibrators (insert standard “ball control” joke here) under the names “Michael B” and “Olli K.” The company, Beate Uhse, did not have permission to do so. Shocker.

As a result, the company handed over €50,000 each to the displeased soccer stars (about $67,000) as compensation. No news on whether the objects in question will be withdrawn from their pride of place on Beate Uhse shelves. Just imagine all the disappointed housewives who’ll have to go without their favourite buzzing ball boy on those lonely nights.

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