May 7, 2024

Fantasy World

chronicles.jpgThe new smut-loving blog Chronicles of Pornia got hold of a copy of Gaytanamo, and author Marc wrote a fierce and fantastic review. Marc is our new best friend, not least because he includes the fact that he has a big cock in his professional blog-writing bio. We need more boys like that. It begins:

Owen Hawk, you filthy animal. Matthias von Fistenberg, you sick SOB. But I fucking mean that with the utmost reverence and praise because I fucking loved this movie. Yes, my friends, Dark Alley Media’s most talked about porn production to date, “Gaytanamo” is undoubtedly controversial, and I really don’t care. This one’s in your face Mr. President and Mr. Vice President!

Click here to read the full thing, and while you’re at it, see how you do with Marc’s “Name That Ass” contest. We got 6 out of 9 – clearly we need to pay more attention to asses.

Wow – there’s a sentence we never thought we’d say.

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