April 27, 2024

Super Sexy

Like many young queerlings, we grew up full-on comic book geeks. All those bulging muscles in tight lycra, hiding their incredible secret from a disapproving world – you can see how we’d relate. We’d follow their exciting adventures every week, until we discovered dick, at least.

So in honor of the release of Spider-Man 3 this weekend (starring the eminently penetrable trio of Tobey Maguire, James Franco and Topher Grace), we returned to our roots for a little fantastic fantasizing.

Always a reliable source for fun faggotry, Queerty turned us on to the Super-Hero Dating Quiz, the best way to find out which world-saving stud is your knight in shining armor.

In case you were wondering, we scored an exactly equal chance of scoring with Iron Man, Wolverine and Cyclops. So that’s a foursome with us, Hugh Jackman, James Marsden and…oh, well… we guess Robert Downey Jr used to be kinda cute back in the day. Still, if you don’t hear from us for a few days, you’ll know why.

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