May 8, 2024

Win Some, Lose Some

xfactor.jpgSo there’s another rave review out for Gaytanamo, courtesy of Phoenix’s The X-Factor magazine. Their May issue includes a lengthy piece by Onan the Vulgarian, who loves him some politico-porn. Sayeth he:

The bitchy cleverness is a plus, not the least of which includes Hawk holding up a sign that reads “non Geneva Convention-approved torture techniques” and a faux classified document (perhaps part of the press kit only), with redacted text, reporting on the atrocities alleged to be happening at Gaytanamo. It’s a devilishly black concept with the kind of intense and realistic sex Dark Alley has made its name on.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Dark Alley has hit the big time with a mention in this week’s New York magazine. Seems the renowned culture and style rag wasn’t overly impressed with us, as we appear right down at the bottom of their Approval Matrix, the magazine’s “deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.” We fall at the crossroads between “low brow” and “despicable” with the in-depth critique, “Too-soon porn title of the week.”

Well, it’s no skin off our asses. Pissing off the conservatives is half the fun. Plus, we still rank higher than Britney.

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