April 26, 2024

You Are NOT Ready…


Believe us, nothing will prepare you for this.


Here, for the first time anywhere, we can now premier the jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, ass-destroying trailer for Dark Alley’s next assplay masterpiece, Fisting Underground, Part 3.

Our guys do things in this movie you’ve never seen before. We can’t describe, you have to see for yourself.

This is the very definition of Not Safe For Work. In fact, it might not even be safe for you to watch it at home, unless you’ve got an oxygen tank ready.

After the jump, it’ll be too late to turn back.

Can you handle it?

Scared yet? If not, click here (or on the cover image above) to see more gut-churning photos and pre-order Fisting Underground, Part 3 for a limited time. And God help your asshole.

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  1. […] I’ve never had it done to me, but I know lots of guys who have, and I have nearly done it to three guys. My boyfriend has fisted two guys. As a professional porn watcher, I’ve seen plenty of this stuff, to the extent that I no longer blink an eye. I currently work for a porn company that specializes in this stuff, btw: Here’s the trailer for their latest. I clarify, I neither enjoy nor endorse it especially myself. I’m pretty much neutral. I just work for the company. � You Are NOT Ready… […]

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