April 24, 2024

A Call to Arms (and Dicks, and Boobs)

photo courtesy CBS NewsIt seems that Dark Alley aren’t the only porn folks hittin’ the political scene lately. CBS News reports that “a coalition of porn stars, live dancers and other adult entertainers flocked to the [California] state capital on Monday to oppose a so-called ‘porn tax,’ which would levy fees against adult entertainment businesses.”

See, far from being a twilight underground industry, the smut racket is actually one of the country’s largest businesses, generating $3 to $4 billion a year in California alone. And the suits figure they should get some of that, to raise state revenues. The theory goes that porn is a specialty item like liquor and cigs, so it should be taxed. All businesses that sell adult DVDs, videos, magazines and live performances would be impacted.

So far it’s mostly the straighties who are fighting, including porn superstar Mary Carey, alongside pro-porn org Free Speech Coalition, but the proposal would affect the gay industry just as much.

Read more about the story here - you can also register to join the fight.

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