May 9, 2024

“I Ain’t No Ho – I Do It for Free!”

Nappy Headed HosOh… Good… God.

If you thought we at Dark Alley were being un-PC and inappropriate, we bow and doff our hats to hetero porn producers Kick Ass Pictures whose latest release plumbs depths of bad taste even we wouldn’t have dreamt of.

TMZ let slip the news – in the wake of the Don Imus firing by CBS last month, Kick Ass were quick off the mark.

Nappy Headed Ho’s – The Movie. Oh yes, they went there.

In an attempt to make it look just a little less wrong, for each DVD sold, Kick Ass is donating one dollar to a retirement fund for Imus, on the theory his firing was an infringement of free speech.

We can’t possibly accuse them of pandering without looking a little hypocritical – after all, if we can push the entertainment boundaries with noble intentions to bring light to a delicate real-life issue, why can’t they? So we give them the benefit of the doubt.

But still, this is what pisses us off about some people out there saying Gaytanamo was “disgusting” and “shameful” and “exploitative of people’s suffering” – the straight porn companies are waaaaay more un-PC than we have ever been. Nappy Headed Ho’s is far from the only appallingly exploitative title - All Amateur Video 32: White Hoes Black Bros, anyone? Or how about Ruby the Transsexual Midget?

Really, we’re torn between being utterly horrified, uncomfortably amused or secretly impressed. I mean, that takes some big balls to pull off – so to speak. Seriously, kudos.

With apologies for the depiction of lady-parts, head over to to take in Kick Ass’s full argument.

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