April 4, 2024

Everyone’s talking about Gaytanamo

dannyfoxsmall.jpgThe buzz about Gaytanamo just keeps on growing. People around the world are tuning in to the debate Dark Alley’s latest release is causing – and it’s not even out yet!

All the biggest and most widely read adult business websites out there have been picking up the story, either to talk about our beautiful new exclusive model Danny Fox, or about the controversial subject matter of this politically charged movie.

Back in February, Gay Porn Blog gave us a piece on “Gaytanamo’s Classical Fetish”. Sez GPB, “I’m all for quasi-political and erudite porn referents, but can Fisting With Foucault be far behind?”

In its entry “Messing With Your Heads,” Gay Sex Blog printed an interview with Gaytanamo’s director Matthias von Fistenberg, in which he explains exactly what Dark Alley is trying to achieve with this movie – along with some super-hot images from the movie’s scenes.

Gay Porn Space, meanwhile, focused on the body and brains of Danny Fox – looks like it was hard to choose between the two!

Even the big guy, GAYVN Magazine, gave us a nod (although boo on the cropped cover shot – you missed off the best part!)

New York mega-blog Queerty gave us a double delight – first by choosing Danny Fox as one of the site’s Morning Goods on March 20, then waded into the morass of political parody and controversy by quoting complaints Dark Alley received about Gaytanamo, and Owen Hawk’s response. We’re getting plenty of comments both positive and negative – make up your own mind!

We’re even getting some attention down under – Australian blog stud Narcissus brought up Gaytanamo for discussion on his site Synthetic Ego, where he and his readers questioned the “good taste” of the movie’s subject. One reader said “Sounds hot, but damn. That’s wrong as fuck.” Another reader’s response: “If politically influenced media can openly criticize the government, then why should we not allow pornographers to do that?”

And of course, don’t forget the lovely, lusty Daniel Nardicio’s brilliant homo hookup-and-hangout site DList.com, where Gaytanamo has a page all its own (btw, did you know there’s a new DList.com commercial on Canada’s Queer Edge TV, featuring DAM’s Owen Hawk making out with DList hottie Tangle? Check it out here.)

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