April 17, 2024

An American Love Story

Between shows and behind scenes of this year’s American Idol, romance is blooming.

The two hunks of the show, Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis, unbeknownst to all their adoring teenage female fans, have been getting cuddly together in the wings.


Follow with us now, gentle readers, as we introduce you to an American Love Story.

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Tasty Tim and Roamin’ Roma Come up our Dark Alley

nowplaying_54.jpgThe second part of hard-working porno-journos Tim and Roma’s bi-coastal bazaar is up and playing to crowds on The Tim & Roma Show, and it’s all about Dark Alley Media.

Matthias von Fistenberg and Owen Hawk invited gay-man-in-a-straight-girl’s-body videographer to the stars Mr. Pam into DAM’s orifices – sorry, offices - for a chat and a tour of the set. Owen laments the hard work that goes into the production side of the business, which he never realized when he was “just” a model, while Matt recalls the last non-DAM porn set he was on, thinking “I could do better than this” the whole time. Says Matt:

“For me as a director, it’s much more difficult. I have to get fisted and at the same time think about whether the cameraman is doing a good job. We have to try to deliver a performance, and… ummm… sit on a hand.”

Roll on over to The Tim & Roma Show to watch the clip right now.

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April 16, 2024

Revealed at last - real images from Gaytanamo

Here at last is the clip that was banned by sites across the net - neither YouTube.com nor XTube.com dared to have this video on their sites.

Is it too much for the public to handle? Decide for yourself after the jump. It’s probably not safe for work…

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Gums (and Bums) Are Flapping

More talk is still going on about Gaytanamo. Now famous porn journo JC Adams of The Adams Report included it in his latest missive, which smut fans across the country read.

“Upstart studio Dark Alley has managed to spark some controversy for this dark, edgy fuck flick that purports to reveal what actually happened in Gitmo as innocent citizens (or were they…?) are captured and thrown into the infamous prison. Ballsy? You bet. Gay gossip site Queerty.com stoked the fires a bit lately when they ran a complaint from a reader who felt naming a porn flick Gaytanamo was disrespectful.

We ran a sneak preview feature in XXX Showcase mag of [Owen] Hawk plowing rising newbie Dominik Ryder and readers loved it, if that’s any indication of how it will be received. Experimental drug torture, fisting, bondage and electro-sex are among the highlights. You will want to catch the director’s cut version for which they bake madeleines and sing “Frère Jacques.”

Heh. He doesn’t know how close to the truth he is.

At the same time, Lavender Lounge has come out with another great interview with our stunning new exclusive model, Danny Fox. In the interview, Danny explains his twin identities as “mad scientist” and “fuck freak”:

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April 14, 2024

Lusty Layovers

pinkplane2.jpgWe just discovered this story on Logo’s 365Gay.com news site, via our beloved Queerty.com.

It’s about the security folks at Atlanta airport, reputedly the busiest airport in the country. They started patrolling the public bathrooms looking out for luggage thieves, on the theory that bad guys might take the bags in there to rummage through them in the privacy of a toilet cubicle.

What did they find instead? Men having sex.

Quoth 365Gay.com:

“The new restroom dragnet has led to the arrests of more than 30 people in three months for indecent exposure and public sex acts. Airport restrooms apparently have become such popular meeting places for men looking for sexual trysts with other men that they have been suggested several times as meeting places in personal ads on the web site Craigslist.”

One of their arrests is none other than the board chairman of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.

Utterly brilliant.

Perhaps this is Dark Alley’s next “ripped from the headlines” porn masterpiece right here? Just imagine it – Delayed for Dick. Airport Ass. Maybe Fly the Fuck-Friendly Skies? Oh come on!

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April 13, 2024

Gaytanamo - The Video That YouTube Banned!

58744banned1.jpgApril 13, 2024 (New York / San Francisco). Dark Alley Media has already created a media firestorm with the advance press for the company’s latest feature, Gaytanamo, a sexy and politically charged parody of the government’s treatment of prisoners of war. Now, in an ironic twist, Dark Alley has become the victim of persecution too, just like the poor innocent tourist in the movie.

As part of its marketing campaign for this controversial movie, Dark Alley released a 30-second clip featuring scenes from Gaytanamo to public video site YouTube.com. The clip included no adult material at all, but rather focused on the scenes of interrogation and torture between the movie’s headlining stars, Danny Fox and Violator. Nevertheless, within a matter of hours, YouTube.com rejected the clip for inappropriate content, with no explanation beyond the standard “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”

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April 12, 2024

Step up to the Mike

kaidan_1.jpgWhen they weren’t talking about stolen bunnies or deer-vision, Sirius OutQ’s dearest and queerest radio chat hosts Derek & Romaine sat down with Matt and Owen of Dark Alley Media last night to discuss the creation of the company and our exciting and already notorious new movie, Gaytanamo.

After weeks of porn fans commenting all over the web about this movie, it was finally chance for the dirty DAM guys to have their own say. Once they’d explained the proper mixing of a tequila foreskin shot, Owen explained how he and Matt hadn’t fully anticipated the drama this movie would cause – especially considering most of the comments came in before the movie was even released.

In his view, Matt explained, he has just as much right to express his opinions on political subjects as any mainstream movie producer. But, being a pornographer, this is simply his avenue to do so. “Porn has made parodies of real-life situations and stories forever,” he said, “and we’re speaking out about this government’s policies in the only way we can.”

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April 11, 2024

More Gaytanamo Goss – and a Reminder!

dnrtruckerbradyik2.gifYep, they’re still talking – who knew kidnapping an innocent guy and torturing him with gay sex could cause so much discussion? Today’s entry from Fleshbot discusses the fact that prison rape fantasies have always been a staple of gay porn since way back when, and that perhaps it’s just the title that’s upsetting people. Although, we must admit, we have a soft spot for “Salami Joe”’s suggestion on Gay Porn Blog: “Here’s to the sequel: Abu Ghraib Ass Grabbers.”

Aaaanyway, don’t forget that DAM’s own Matthias von Fistenberg and Owen Hawk will appear on The Derek & Romaine Show tonight at 7pm. Tune into Sirius Satellite Radio on channel OutQ 109, or log into SiriusOutQ.com tonight to hear Matt and Owen discuss all these issues and more, and take calls from listeners too.

You’d better be listening, or else we’ll track you down, kidnap you and subject you to gay sex.



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April 10, 2024

Released at Last!

gaypornblog.jpgYou’ve read about it, you’ve freaked out about it, you’ve fantasized about it – the most anticipated movie of 2024 is finally here! Dark Alley Media gets political on your ass with Gaytanamo, shipping now to pre-order customers and stores.

And just in time, Gay Porn Blog has picked up the baton, summing up the controversy’s progress so far with a piece called No Respect: The Outcry Over Dark Alley’s Gaytanamo.

Well, now you can finally see for yourself what all the fuss has been about. Make sure you head on over to DarkAlley.com to capture this exciting, dramatic porn-political parody.

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April 7, 2024

Matt & Owen & Derek & Romaine Sittin’ in a Tree…

dnrlovesmall.jpgWith so much talk over Dark Alley’s ferocious new fuck-flick Gaytanamo, it’s no wonder a responsible, high-class news show would want to talk to us about it. But we’ll make do with The Derek & Romaine Show.

Kidding! The delicious dirty duo of Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson host the best weekly chat show on the airwaves, thanks to satellite radio station Sirius’ all-queer-all-the-time OutQ channel.

And following in the footsteps of many other lusty luminaries, DAM’s own Matthias von Fistenberg and Owen Hawk will appear on the show this coming Wednesday, April 11, between 6 and 10pm Eastern time, to discuss Gaytanamo and all the drama surrounding this incredible movie.

Tune in via Sirius Satellite Radio on channel OutQ 109, or log into SiriusOutQ.com to hear the show online. Call the Sirius studio at 866-305-6887 any time during the show if you want to chat to Matt or Owen. You know they like taking input from strangers.

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