June 5, 2024

DList Doin’ It With Dark Alley

Jay & BradDList Party Tour Hits Baltimore

What happens when a busload of NYC’s greatest nightlife movers and shakers descend on your town?

Yep, trannies, drag queens, DJs, black house divas, designers and 10 of The Big Apple’s sluttiest go-go studs join promoter Daniel Nardicio and Dark Alley Media’s Owen Hawk for a once-in-a-lifetime event!

They’ll be throwing the drinkingest, sexiest party at Baltimore’s Club Hippo on Friday, June 8!

ChaseThat’s right, legendary nightlife drag mother and “Big Tittied Honky Soul Mama” Sweetie, “Mouth of the South” and New Orleans transplant Bianca del Rio, outrageous nightlife trannie Dina Delicious, Out Performer of the Year Jessie O, NYC Go-Go Boy of the Year Chase horse-hung porn star Ben Andrews, uber-cute Dark Alley Media porn star Aaron King, sassy black house and advice diva Robbyne Kaamil and DList’s very own underwear scion Andrew Christian plus NYC DJ Aaron Elvis - all hop in a party van that begins an groundbreaking adventure:

DirtyBoyVideo.comThey’ll be filming the entire trip as the first segment of Nardicio’s Great Gay American Road Trip- part documentary, part reality show, but all insanity.

Andrew ChristianSo, if you’re in Baltimore, or DC, or even Virginia, please get your tickets now to the most outrageous event of the year, and come celebrate the one year anniversary of the hugely successful “gay MySpace,” DList.com. Brought to you by Andrew Christian Underwear and DirtyBoyVideo.com. $10 in adv, $12 at the door

And we’ll be looking for Baltimore’s Hottest Go-Go Boy to join us on the bus for the rest of our trip - if that’s you and you want to compete, email us at [email protected].

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Dick of Death

"Eli Roth Has the Biggest Dick in Hollywood," by Tim Palen

Seriously, does anything else need to be said?

In case you need to understand why we would print this photo, this is Eli Roth, splatterpunk director of horror classic Hostel and its soon-to-come sequel. The pic comes from a new photobook by Tim Palen, titled Guts: The Art of Marketing Horror Films.

Anyone else think, insanely oversized dick or not, he’s totally hot?

Unfortunately, we already know it can’t possibly be real. Cuz Roth is Jewish.

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June 4, 2024

We Mention Their Mention of Our Men… tion

pic c/o GayPornBlog.comDark Alley pops up on the blogosphere again today, thanks to our friends at Gay Porn Blog and Chronicles of Pornia.

The lovely Mike Stabile of GPB offered a roundup of all the many porn companies who set up shop at the IML Leather Market, with a lovely picture of Owen Hawk looking sheepish as Adam Faust’s arm disappears up somebody’s backside on the screen behind him. All in a day.

Meanwhile, Marc speaks of Dark Alley Shenanigans over at CofP, covering our adventures over IML weekend, plus our new distribution deals and the Sirius interview.

Cheers boys! Luv ya.

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“For the Love of God, No More!”

Aww… the pussies over at Sirius can’t handle the heat!

We do enjoy freaking people the fuck out, and we did it in spades on Friday night’s The Derek & Romaine Show on Sirius OutQ Satellite Radio. Derek himself was off manhandling Mormons at Salt Lake City Pride, so we had Romaine all to ourselves. And she’d just concluded an interview with Lucy Lawless, so she was all moist with a lesbo hardon.

On came Tony Bishop and Aaron King, who immediately took things to another level by flashing Tony’s tattooed penis. With one lesbian, one gay man and one straight man in the room, reactions were varied, as you can imagine. Romaine got Tony to admit that it was a dyke who did the inkwork, but not that it might have been the lady’s grudge match against the evils of patriarchy.

Aaron KingAaron (pictured), on the other hand, kept it romantic (except for when he was talking about being elbow deep in Matthias von Fistenberg’s intestines, of course). He explained how he did his first porn with Dark Alley, then did a couple of scenes for Sean Cody before falling in love and settling down. Then he split up with the boyf and came back to porn, then fell in love again! Romaine was quite indignant, claiming that as public figures, porn stars have no right to fall in love and spoil their fans’ fantasies, or at least if they do they have to lie about it. It’s the only honorable thing to do.

The boys also tried to explain exactly what goes on in our new movie Fisting Underground, Part 3 to Romaine, who was fascinated despite herself. “But… but… where does it go?” And when it came to the double-fisting and footing, well, Romaine’s lady-erection well and truly shriveled. She wasn’t the only one – on the online Derek & Romaine chat room, show listeners desperately typed “For the love of God, no more fisting!” Like we said, pussies.

To tie up, we’ll plug Tony’s MySpace page at MySpace.com/TonyBishop and Aaron’s new site AaronKingXXX.com, where he’ll feature exclusive pics and a hi-def video of him getting fisted for the first time.

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June 1, 2024

Sounds Like Sexy

Aaron KingThe wise and witty woolly woofters over at Sirius Satellite Radio’s all-queer-all-the-time OutQ channel have come to Dark Alley to spice up their lives again. And we’re only too happy to help!

Tonight, Friday June 1, between 6 and 10pm Eastern time, The Derek & Romaine Show will host Dark Alley stars Aaron King and Tony Bishop for a chat about life on the sex set.

Aaron (pictured above) is the super-sexy fratboy who made a huge splash as the coverboy of our movie Quickies. He’s back in the just-released Fisting Underground 3, stretching the hell out of a room full of greased-up rosebuds, and in the coming-soon Matthias von Fistenberg’s 8 ½, where he bottoms for the first time in a DAM film.

Tony BishopTony (pictured below) came to us recently as our new Casting Director, so he’s perfect to talk about the process of lining up more than 20 guys to destroy Matt’s rectum in Matthias’ 20 Fist Weekend. Let’s just hear Romaine squirm about that one.

Tune in via Sirius Satellite Radio on channel OutQ 109, or log into SiriusOutQ.com to hear the show online. Call the Sirius studio at 866-305-6887 any time during the show if you want to chat to Aaron or Tony.

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Ring of Fire

Fisting Underground 3International Mister Leather is a time for hardcore fetish-lovers to meat and greet. You’d think the guys who go to IML would have seen it all already, right? After all, at various points in the five-day event, guys were getting fucked live on stage, locked up in cages or mummified in front of an audience. So what could we possibly do to top that?

We showed them Fisting Underground, Part 3, that’s what.

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