March 30, 2024

Dark Alley Media’s black comedy, Gaytanamo, presents perverted play and political parody

usgaytanamosmall.jpgApril 5, 2024 (New York, New York) – Dark Alley Media, the East Coast’s fastest-growing gay adult entertainment company headed by Matthias von Fistenberg and Owen Hawk, makes a porno-political statement in its latest feature, Gaytanamo. The movie will capture the industry’s attention as a captivating example of titillating abuse, focused on an innocent young man who finds himself kidnapped and subjected to all sorts of depraved treatment in the legendary Gaytanamo prison.

With Gaytanamo, Dark Alley has created a gay porn epic that’s both sexually explosive and politically charged as a humorous parody of the Bush administration’s questionable policies in dealing with suspected terrorists. Featuring eye-popping images of violence, kidnap, rape and torture, along with some of the fiercest sex in recent years, this is one movie that will get the porn-viewing public talking.

“On one level, Gaytanamo presents dynamic sex with unapologetic depictions of violent kidnapping, torture and interrogation,” says Matthias von Fistenberg, president of Dark Alley Media. “On another level, Gaytanamo refers to how government gains power by instigating fear – a fear that blinds people and lets the government establish laws that take away privacy and allow for secret prosecutions and incarcerations. We’re bringing attention to how the government has used 9/11 as an excuse to shift power from democracy to a totalitarian dictatorship.”

Along with the intended political-parody message, Gaytanamo features the debut of Dark Alley’s newest, cutest exclusive, Danny Fox. A gorgeous German stud with bright blue eyes, a tight smooth body and an impressive nine-inch cock, he looks like a naive pretty boy, yet stands up to the harshest, most extreme punishment imaginable. On the other side is Violator, the Israeli mean machine with the incredible tattoo on his arm to measure just how far he is up an ass.

Gaytanamo also features a mind-blowing cast of off-the-scale freaks eager to indulge in the most perverted hardcore action you’ll find anywhere, including Dark Alley’s creators Matthias von Fistenberg and Owen Hawk, plus Jason Tyler, Demetrius, Tim Rusty, Dominik Rider, Tony Diamond and Sebastian Cruz. Renowned Parisian artist Vincent Malléa created unique designs and logos, and the soundtrack includes Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5, written in 1937 as a critique of Stalin.

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